If you see a stone chip in your windscreen, do not delay in calling us out to repair it. If you don’t, it could crack, resulting in an expensive windscreen replacement.

Repairs are usually free through your insurance company if you have comprehensive cover.

Windscreen repairs are for the repair of laminated glass only. You do not need to determine if the windscreen is laminated – if it is chipped or cracked, it is.

The repair process works by injecting a liquid resin in to the damaged glass and then cured by use of a long wave ultra violet lamp. The advanced repair system used by CPR Windscreens provides a bond that is slightly stronger than glass itself, using resin that has the same refractive index as glass.

The British Standard code of practice allows repair of damage that is contained within a circle of 10mm in zone A and damage contained within a circle of 25mm in the remainder of the swept area. Repairs elsewhere can be undertaken up to 40 mm.